High Rocks Assists Students in their College Search

Virginia Tech (3)The college search can be an incredibly difficult process for today’s high school students, with thousands of colleges and universities to choose from in the United States alone. The stress of this decision often begins much earlier than senior year as students attempt to navigate the options available to them. Although resources exist to aid in this process, the final decision is a very personal one.

For this reason, it is often helpful to visit a variety of colleges and universities to gain a better sense of what college is like. High Rocks Academy for Girls hopes to assist students in the college search and application process by providing free college trips to girls in the 7th-12th grades.

Trips are available throughout the school year. This fall, High Rocks girls have already traveled to seven colleges and universities in four different states. These include West Virginia University, Chatham University, Carnegie Mellon University, Roanoke College, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Duke University.
This experience also allows students to explore other areas of the country and learn about their options. One High Rocks participant said, “I got to go to places I wouldn’t have been able to without this.”

Students who attend college trips with High Rocks have the opportunity to meet with an admissions counselor, attend an information session led by the office of admissions, and take a tour of campus with a current student. This allows them to ask any questions they might have, as well as learning more about academics and campus life. Additionally, if High Rocks alumnae currently attend any of the colleges or universities on the trip, participants have the chance to meet with them to learn about their experiences and ask questions.