Welcome to the New Blog!

            Welcome to the first blog post of many! This blog will be run by the Youth Advisory Board of High Rocks and every month we will try to get a staff member, AmeriCorps, or High Rocks girl to write a blog entry. We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed writing, editing, and coming up with ideas for the blog! At the end of each blog you can find who wrote it, the date it was written, and who edited it; this is for your convenience in case you ever want to cite our lovely posts. With that being said let’s jump right in and get this show on the road!

High Rocks offers summer camps for young girls and while these summer camps are one of our main events for our girls we offer other opportunities, such as overnights! These overnights usually are paired with a community service project the next morning and are held at one of the three High Rocks locations. We invite any past participants as well as current participants to join us for these fun events. This weekend, September 28, we will be hosting our annual Back to School Overnight. This is the first overnight since camp and personally one of my favorites.

This overnight is held at the lodge and transportation is provided by the wonderful staff and AmeriCorps of High Rocks. This overnight is linked with the Possum Trot, which High Rocks helps out with every year. Our girls can participate in the run, cheer on the runner’s, check in runners, sell garlic (grown fresh in our gardens,) or sell jewelry. As you can see there’s plenty to do. Girls trade off jobs and even get breaks giving them the experience of working a job. When girls do this they get volunteer hours.

During the time of the Possum Trot there is also the Roadkill Cook-Off happening! If girls would like they can walk around during their break and look at what all the marvelous vendors have to sell. This experience is one you can’t get anywhere else and I highly recommend that current High Rocks participants join us for a wonderful time


Written by: Stella Neeley

Edited by: Renae Hall

Written on: September 25, 2018