Gabby Gill joins the High Rocks family

My name is Gabriella, and this is my first year of being involved in High Rocks. Although I have never been to camp, everybody I have met has welcomed me with warm smiles, lots of hugs, and a plethora of stories. I have only been a part of the High Rocks family for a short amount of time, but I already feel as if I am a part of a family.  Thank you to everyone who has made me feel like I belong.

My journey with High Rocks began with my closest friend asking me if I would like to apply for a job at The Hub Community Cafe. At first, I just thought of it as another job, due to the fact that I was in dire need of a place to work. I suppose that I can say that I never took a second to think about all the opportunities The Hub would present me with. Eventually, I applied for a job, got interviewed, and began working at The Hub. I had no idea how The Hub was connected to High Rocks, but I eventually found out all the wonders of the program.

I was completely overwhelmed my first day of work. I was introduced to the honor code, invited to join the Youth Advisory Board, asked if I wanted to apply for Camp Steele, and so many other things surrounding High Rocks. Fortunately, I was not too overwhelmed by all the questions and suggestions thanks to my best friend Skyler. She informed me on anything and everything there was to know about High Rocks.

I remember when Skyler would go to camp during the summer for two weeks, and I would be extremely excited to hear about all the activities she did during her time at camp. When I got to see her again on the bus when school started back up, I would ask her so many questions about what she did at camp, what she learned about, and so much more. All of her stories and new friendships that she shared with me about camp made me immediately fall in love with High Rocks, even though I had never been a part of it in any way.

I then decided to apply to camp Steele and join the Youth Advisory Board, and ever since then, my life has been nothing but a roller coaster only going uphill. Even though I have only been on this journey for a month or two, I have already been taught so many things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.