COVID-19 response and assurances

Since the advent of COVID-19 , the High Rocks has responded to the needs of our students, our families, our partners, and our communities. Our goal is to maintain a balance of three: first, maintaining our core mission and focus, second, learning to work and deliver programs in a whole new way involving teleworking and social distancing, and third, responding to the unprecedented crisis of the COVID-19 outbreak in our communities.

So what’s different? From helping college students relocate mid-semester, to supporting our grassroots partners in finding and meeting community needs, we are listening and responding. We are working with our AmeriCorps partners across the state to help them in these times of need. Since the outbreak began to affect our communities directly, High Rocks has had to make an extraordinary pivot to focus on our food access programs and our AmeriCorps members and partners on the front lines of food access for children, families, and seniors across the state. We can see a food access and food insecurity crisis already rising around our ears.

We have ramped up our hot dinner program at the High Rocks Hub Café, serving free dinners to students and $5 dinners to the community, and have proceeded with production planning for our market gardens. We have kept all of our essential services open – those related to food access and food production. They are more needed than ever, demand is high, and the future is uncertain. Our team has provided individual mentoring and support to all our middle, high school, and college students – keeping an eye on all our folks from slightly afar. We are thinking outside of the box and being creative about ways to provide college prep and Zoom dance parties.

The Hub will open in October 2020 to students who need a strong internet connection and a friendly face. We are committed to continuing to be a steadfast support system for youth in our community. The Hub has always been a safe space for young people; now, we've enhanced our safety measures to include recommended COVID sanitization and social distancing measures, which includes limits on the number of participants in the building.

It is our greatest desire to hold in-person camp in 2021, and we are planning accordingly. As with all things right now, we have a Plan A, a Plan B, and a Plan C. As we get closer to summer, we will make final decisions as to what camp will look like.

As a leader of a grassroots community organization that stands at the intersection of many community support initiatives, we’ve been connecting resources and people across our communities and our state. Over and over again, the High Rocks team and our many community allies have been rising to the challenge. We couldn’t be more proud to be in business with all of you.