The Legacy Fund



High Rocks is important on so many levels.  It benefits the community at large, it gives young women a voice, and teaches them how to find their place and rise above all challenges.  It also benefits those, and anyone, who come through the doors.

Personally, the High Rocks is important to me because here is where I gained a sense of awareness of self, and I began to truly define my values, and who I was and who I wanted to become, and to take those opportunities and to make them into something great.

I have so many dreams and accomplishments that I want to see happen. For example, changing in the world, no matter how small that change will be. And High Rocks has definitely prepared me and equipped me as an individual where I can take self-motivation and drive and pursue my passions, and to inspire those around me and to be inspired by those who are around me. To constantly find inspiration in everything that I do, in every passion, in every purpose that I define in myself, I can always know that I am doing the right thing.

By Monefia Maitland – High Rocks Alum, Mary Baldwin College Senior, International Studies Major, Peace Corps Applicant, and General Rock Star

Do you hear yourself in those words?  From the time a High Rocks girl enters the Academy in 7th grade, through her first couple of years in college or out in the world, High Rocks is there.  For seven years, we actively educate, empower, and inspire these young women, 80% of whom qualify for free/reduced price school lunch, and nearly half of whom will be first-generation college graduates.

We are announcing the launch of the Legacy Fund.  We need to raise $100,000 to leverage $500,000 from a matching donor.  This money will be used over the next seven years, the life cycle of one girl’s journey through High Rocks Academy, to fund transformational camps and make sure that girls still have High Rocks.

Please help us guarantee that we can give another generation of girls the start on life Monefia got.

Here’s to the power and possibility in girls,

Sarah Riley, Executive Director


We have a very generous donor who has agreed to make a $530,000 donation to High Rocks Academy for Girls if we can raise $100,000. What’s more, he has agreed to match the money we raise. One-seventh of the funds will be released every year to support camps and programs. The matching structure is outlined below.

10456028_784497928326838_5892558897969008088_nLEGACY OF STRENGTH donors—current program participants and their families, and program alums—have been directly transformed by participating in High Rocks Academy for Girls. Their legacy is their strength to try something new, something hard, and something life changing. Their willingness to donate attests to the strength of the program; gifts will be matched 3 to 1.

banjoLEGACY OF GUIDANCE donors—current or former board members or staff, and alum parents—have turned over their time, their trust, or their career (and in some cases, all three of these) to the organization. Their legacy is providing sound guidance in building and steering High Rocks. Their gifts will be matched 2 to 1.


LEGACY OF HOPE donors are helping to secure the organization’s future by growing their current support or extending their generosity for the first time. Their legacy is giving us hope that what we are doing is worthwhile. Their willingness to donate shows that the High Rocks has staying power and the gifts will be matched 1 to 1.


1. What can I give?

The Legacy Fund accepts cash and stock donations. 


2. If I am an alum, can I collect money from others to receive the highest match?

No, the donation that you give to the Legacy of Strength category needs to be genuinely from you. Not your parents, not your friends, not your neighbors, but from YOU. If your family wants to contribute it will qualify for the Legacy of Guidance category and be matched 2:1.

However, If an alum wants to have a bake sale and buy the ingredients and donate the proceeds to High Rocks, that’s their donation that qualifies for a match.

If girls or alums collect checks from other people who do not fit into another category, those collected donations go into the new donor category. 


3. What counts as an increased donation?

Increased donations are any donations that are more than you donated last year.  These are the donations High Rocks received from Sept 1, 2014- August 31, 2015.

If a donor gave $8,000 in 2014-2015 and this year gives $15,000, the increased amount ($7,000) only goes into the Legacy Fund matched 2:1.


4. I give $50 every year. Can I give $100 to the Legacy Fund?

This donor is matching donations to help High Rocks grow its base of supporters.  The match is structured to help recruit new alums, family, and general donors, as well as asking everyone to dig a little deeper this year if possible.  Our matching donor is asking you to make a special extra donation this year to the Legacy Fund.


5. I can’t give as much as I did last year. Can it just go to the Legacy Fund?

Yes, if you are in the Legacy of Strength or Guidance categories.  If you can support High Rocks this year with your normal yearly contribution and give an additional special gift to the Legacy Fund, we deeply appreciate it, but you can designate your gift specifically for the Legacy Fund.


6. Is there a minimum amount for donations?

There is no minimum for the Legacy of Strength and the Legacy of Guidance. The suggested minimum amount for the Legacy of Hope is $500.