Celtic Knot 5K/10K RUN WALK – March 23, 2019
lewisburg, wv

High Rocks is so grateful for everyone who came out for the Celtic Knot run/walk!  The event was a great success and we have received great feedback about our new course!  After the walk/run, we invited runners, walkers and community members to come back to the Hub Cafe for lunch and awards.

For more photos from the Celtic Knot please visit the High Rocks Facebook page

Here are the top finishers and their times (male & female) of the Celtic Knot 5K and 10K:
5K Overall Winners- Female
1. Delanie Voiles – 25m59s
2. Eileen Klein – 26m
3. Deva Wagner –  27m46s
5K Overall Winners- Male
1. Kenny Bostic – 22m 22s
2. Jim Moore – 22m 52s
3. Steve Joyce – 23m 29s
5K 14 & Under Winner- Female
Luella Mansheim – 30m 25s
5K 14 & Under Winner- Male
Jagger McNeely – 26m 27s
5K 15-19 Winner- Female
Addison Gibson – 33m 16s
5K 15-19 Winner- Male
Revanna Preston – 1h 11m 03s
5K 20-29 Winner- Female
Cietta Kennedy – 34m 32s
5K 20-29 Winner- Male
5K 30-39 Winner- Female
Amanda Balasko – 32m 05s
5K 30-39 Winner- Male
Brian Lutz – 23m 48s
5K 40-49 Winner- Female
Lisa Burke – 28m 31s
5K 40-49 Winner- Male
Larry Klein – 23m 59s
5K 50-59 Winner- Female
Brigid Hundley – 39m 13s
5K 50-59 Winner- Male
Kevin Throckmorton – 27m 40s
5K 60-69 Winner- Female
Crisandra Tephabock – 37m 33s
5K 60-69 Winner- Male
Randy Tephabock – 27m 52s
5K 70 & Up Winner- Female
5K 70 & UP Winner- Male
Danny Keatley – 30m 38s
10K Overall Winners- Female
1. Carolyn Komar –  1h 05m 57s
2. Amber Bevans – 1h 30m 37s
10K Overall Winners- Male
1. Mark VanBuren – 49m 12s
2. Bruce Blankenship – 1h 04m 06s
Full list of walkers and runner and their time:
Name Time
Kenny Bostic 22:22.9
Jim Moore 22:52.9
Steve Joyce 23:29.3
Brian Lutz 23:48.5
Larry Klein 23:59.9
Delanie Voiles 25:59.1
Eileen Klein 25:59.9
Richard Moore 26:17.6
Jagger McNeely 26:27.6
Hugh Davis 27:29.7
Todd Wagner 27:33.6
Kevin Throckmorton 27:40.4
Deva Wagner 27:46.7
Randy Tephabock 27:52.6
Lisa Burke 28:31.7
Chastity Trump 30:14.2
Luella Mansheim 30:25.1
Danny Keatley 30:38.7
Larry Markham 31:05.4
Jonas Peters 31:17.2
Cavin Mollohan 31:21.3
Brett Doolittle 32:01.1
Amanda Balasko 32:05.5
Jolie Lewis 32:29.0
Amanda Lynch 32:37.1
Jamie Gardinier 32:37.3
Addison Gibson 33:16.9
Brianna Hannigan 33:18.2
Anthony Gibson 33:20.8
Timothy McCoy 33:35.1
Iris Moore 34:05.4
Ryan Friebel 34:30.6
Shyanne Friebel 34:30.8
Cietta Kennedy 34:32.5
Lori Baldwin 36:50.8
Kasey Carter 37:15.9
Crisandra Tephabock 37:33.7
Lance Syner 38:59.3
Carla Mollohan 39:05.0
Brigid Hundley 39:13.5
Bonnie Estes 39:13.8
Lynette Childress 39:22.2
Jennifer Brown 39:35.5
Deric Bennett 39:48.6
Paula McCoy 40:12.8
Jeanette Heal 41:04.7
Sissy Laing 41:17.2
Sarah Umberger 58:18.9
Barbara Phillips 58:19.5
Christine Shaw 58:20.5
Myrissa Peyatt 00:24.9
Kathy Wiley 00:35.9
Toby McMahan 00:36.1
Judy Rose 00:57.9
Revanna Preston 11:03.5
Debbie McClintic 31:11.4
Jason Brown 31:12.4

High Rocks would like to recognize and thank our event partners and sponsors, including Moore Family Community Fund, Greenbrier Valley Medical Center, Wolf Creek Gallery, City National Bank, Court & Stratton Developers, Premier Bank, Adventures on the Gorge, The Historic General Lewis Inn, and the Bank of Monroe. For more information or to partner on the Celtic Knot please contact Sarah Mansheim at or call 304-653-4891.


‘Possum Trot 5k at the autumn harvest festival
september 29th, 2018
marlinton, WV

We’d like to say a special Thank you to everyone who came out for the ‘Possum Trot 5k run/walk that took place in Marlinton at the annual Autumn Harvest Festival. Below is a list of the winners, followed by a list of racers and their times.


Overall Men:

1st place: Philip Anderson, 20m5s

2nd place: Bill Cartwright, 21m5s

3rd place: Max O’Ganian, 23m20s


Overall Women:

1st place: Lisa MacElderry, 27m19s

2nd place: Melanie Jech, 27m41s

3rd place: Nikki Gattone, 28m42s


14 & Under Men: Willie O’Ganian, 26m15s

14 & Under Women: Lauren Rodgers, 36m36s

20-29 Men: Dakota Beverage, 26m35s

20-29 Women: Chelsea Kirby, 55m23s

30-39 Men: Alex Tanner, 30m37s

30-39 Women: Alisha Clark, 29m46s

40-49 Men: Paul Marganian, 24m23s

40-49 Women: Holly Hurrelmeyer, 37m 24s

50-59 Men: Jeff Beverage, 27m39s

50-59 Women:  Maria Andrews, 37m15s

60-69 Men: Jack Sanders, 34m43s

60-69 Women: Jenny Bradford, 48m41s

70+ Men: William Hurrelmeyer, 37m24s

70+ Women: Chris Garthee, 50m13s

Most Spirited:

‘Possum Award:

Most Entertaining: Larryetta Ellis


Name Time
Philip Anderson 20:05.7
Bill Cartright 21:05.4
Max O’Ganian 23:20.3
Paul Marganian 24:23.4
Willie O’Ganian 26:15.4
Dakota Beverage 26:35.8
Lisa MacElderry 27:19.5
Jeff Beverage 27:39.0
Melanie Jech 27:41.2
Nikki Gattone 28:42.6
Alisha Clark 29:46.1
Alex Tanner 30:37.0
Sam Gibson 30:37.3
Shane Lukas 31:49.5
Emily Eufinger 33:21.5
Jack Sanders 34:43.7
Mike Jech 34:53.5
Steve Dunn 35:17.6
Lauren Rodgers 36:36.4
Jordan Nylin-Pultz 37:08.6
Chris Dever 37:11.4
Maria Andrewss 37:15.4
Holly Hurrelmeyer 37:24.4
William Hurrelmeyer 37:24.7
Lisa Chuck 37:31.2
Debby Neel 38:01.0
Richard Pultz 41:35.2
Destiny Lowe 44:20.8
Izzabella Spradlin 44:21.5
Sameria Ashfur Carden 44:21.9
Tammy Barnett 45:08.1
Jenny Bradford 48:41.2
Rhonda Spach 49:16.3
Michelle Li 49:17.0
Chris Garthee 50:13.6
Larryetta Ellis 50:16.7
Steve Barnett 51:35.4
Mark Barton 52:51.1
Donna Barton 52:51.4
Chelsea Kirby 55:23.7
Haylee Kirby 55:24.5
Bryan Mantlo 56:21.8
Kristen Mantlo 56:22.3
Mike Chang 56:42.1
Curtis Dever 56:43.0
Jan Nelson 59:18.7
Alison Johnston 59:21.6
Dale Dever 59:39.6
Curtis Dever 56:43.0
Jan Nelson 59:18.7
Alison Johnston 59:29.6
Dale Dever 59:39.6
Destiny Lewis 1:01:50.4
Talisa Dever 1:01:50.8
Karrigan Kirby 1:03:00.8
Dondi Stemple 1:03:01.4
Bonnie Beavers 1:03:37.3
Denise Dever 1:03:38.8

Please contact or call 304-653-4891 if you have any questions.



NEW BEGINNINGS CAMP at the High Rocks Campground in Hillsboro
June 16th-June 28th, 2019

CAMP STEELE at the High Rocks Campground in Hillsboro
July 12th-July 27th, 2019

NETTLEFEST, at the High Rocks Campground
July 29Th, 2019
Hillsboro, wv