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FIRST2 Network Student Coordinator

High Rocks Educational Corporation is seeking a full-time Coordinator to recruit, build leadership with, and employ first-generation college students in West Virginia who are majoring in science, technology, engineering, and math.  This is a National Science Foundation initiative, funded through the next 5 years, to increase participation across the nation in STEM fields.  The position will work with our FIRST2 steering committee leadership and with key state partners to build and leverage a state-wide network of students, colleges, state leaders, K12 partners, and the National Science Foundation to promote the advancement of first generation college students in STEM fields.

Position Responsibilities

  1. Provide staffing support to the First2 Network initiative including serving on working groups, attending Steering Committee meetings, and helping to plan and coordinate network events.
    • Coordinate collaborative efforts and engage a broad array of network stakeholders to develop and implement a comprehensive state-wide student retention and academic success initiative for first generation college students majoring in STEM.
  2. Coordinate recruitment, selection, training and celebration of students in the First2 Network.
    • Develop and maintain strong mentoring relationships with students in the program.
    • Recruit, hire, train, and supervise 8 student network leaders who will be providing staffing support for the network.
    • Create and coordinate administrative structure related to program development to hire, place, and track first generation STEM majors in early research experiences and in leadership roles.
    • Recruit and place 36-100 students each year in early research experiences through the project funding. Work to develop multiple sites for successful student placement.
    • Represent the First2 Network to the public and help with public outreach.
  3. Help to develop strong network infrastructure, especially in the areas of student support and leadership.
    • Work closely with network partners to create an integrated approach for the delivery of academic support services, early research experiences, and student leadership in support of the network’s commitment to student retention and academic success.
    • Work with evaluation to use a constant improvement model in a Network Improvement Community model of Collective Impact.
  4. Monitor and report on program fiscal operating budget.
    • Assist with High Rocks’ grant reporting to the National Science Foundation.
  5. Report to High Rocks Executive Director and First2 Student Ambassador lead.
  6. Travel around the state.

 Required Qualifications and Experience:

  • Demonstrated experience with student leadership, retention, and/or academic support services.
  • Demonstrated experience with network building.
  • Strong communication skills, excellent interpersonal and organizational skills, effective oral and written skills; excellent ability to manage multiple complex projects in deadline driven fast-paced environment both independently and as an effective team leader and member; possess initiative and high energy.
  • Previous directly relevant work experience a must.

Competitive salary, health, retirement, vacation. Remote work is an option for some candidates.

Learn more about the FIRST2 Network  here.

Send résumé, cover letter and references to High Rocks, attn: Sarah Riley.