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High Rocks Educational Corporation is seeking a full-time Administrative Assistant to serve as a receptionist, office support staff, and bookkeeper. Applicant must be organized, careful, and clean, with strong attention to detail and time management skills. Responsibilities include phones, bills and deposits, database entry, keeping paper and computer files in order, limited tech support for printers, etc, and keeping the office clean, organized, and efficient. Passion for youth leadership, office experience, and interpersonal skills required. Knowledge of bookkeeping, Quickbooks, Microsoft Office programs, and/or Salesforce a solid plus. Based in Hillsboro, WV. Competitive salary, health, retirement, vacation. Send résumé, cover letter and references to High Rocks, attn: Sarah Riley.  Full job description at

Full job description as follows:

Administrative Assistant

  • Receptionist
  • Administrative Support
  • Bookkeeping


    • be in the office during regular business hours to answer the phones, take and deliver messages, check answering machine, handle general inquiries;
    • as a representative of High Rocks, exhibit professional demeanor and tone at all times:  courteous, polite, smiling, and considerate; communicate intentionally and sincerely;
    • contribute to positive office culture and attitudes;

Administrative support:

    • maintain general office organization and cleanliness;
    • be a resource to staff, students, and AmeriCorps members to help with efficient day-to-day office functioning
    • assist AmeriCorps Manager with collecting and maintaining all AmeriCorps compliance paperwork from members
    • database entry;
    • maintain paper filing system in clear, orderly fashion;
    • assist with Xeroxing, printing, assembling, labels, or other related tasks;
    • keep in stock office supplies, printer toner, paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc.;
    • arrange for maintenance of printers as necessary;
    • checkout and maintain inventory of laptops, cameras, and other equipment;
    • assist with outgoing mailings (thank you letters, etc);
    • recruit and manage office volunteers
    • administrative support for Business Manager, Development Manager, Executive Director, AmeriCorps Manager, and Operations Coordinator (and other staff as needed);


    • bill paying duties including entering credit card charges and petty cash bills as outlined in the Fiscal Protocol ;
    • collect and organize receipts from staff and AmeriCorps volunteers;
    • enter vehicle logs in Quickbooks monthly;
    • assist Operations Coordinator with copying and entering deposits as outlined in the Fiscal Protocol; process deposits and donation acknowledgements weekly
    • send weekly donor summaries to staff;
    • scan all bills and other financial documents and save them to the server
    • other duties as outlined in our Fiscal Protocol