Youth Programs at The Hub

The Hub is an amazing magical place. It is not just a place for you to study and hang out, its a place that teaches you self determination and how to respect yourself, others, and places you go.

The Hub is the highlight of my day because I feel comfortable and happy here. I feel like I'm at home when I walk through the doors.

While The Hub is a space for the entire community to enjoy, many of our programs are specifically designed for youth in the middle and high school age-range. To be eligible for these programs, all that's required is to fill out and submit a membership application, found here.

This is our current slate of daily programming for the 2019-2020 school year. If interested in any of these programs, please contact us at The Hub, or apply for membership and we will contact you! 

The Hub is also a great place to go if you need space to study, and we have a number of staff, volunteers, and even peers willing to lend a hand if you want homework help. If you are having particular struggles with a specific subject, please call us and we will try and arrange for you to meet weekly with a volunteer tutor from the community.

STEM Lab - On Mondays, we try not to explode as we explore our world through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics! Come be a part of this cool club and build rockets, play with 3D printers, design robots, learn to code, and much, much, more.  Mondays from 4pm-6pm

Song School - The Hub is alive on Tuesdays with the sound of music! Song School is your weekly chance to work collectively,   individually, or as a group on writing, creating, and performing your own music. No experience necessary, all talent levels encouraged, and we have a host of instruments for you to play! Tuesdays from 4pm-6pm

Business 101 - On Wednesdays, we work! Business 101 is a hands-on exploration of what it takes to run your own business, from developing a business plan to identifying target audiences to creating strong marketing practices, all through the lens of The Hub's own two youth entrepreneurships - Tech Express and The Hub Cafe. Wednesdays from 4pm-4:45pm

College Club - Wondering what exactly a FAFSA is, or need help preparing for the SATs or ACTs? Maybe you’re having a hard time deciding between a big state university or a tiny liberal arts college miles away?  Whether you’re an 8th grader who’s just testing the collegiate waters or a senior who’s about to set sail, we will work with you to help create the future you want, while passing on every tip, trick, and trap we know! Wednesdays from 5:15pm-6pm

Peer Recovery Group - Thursdays are for thinking about ourselves, our families, and our friends who have been (or currently are) affected by addiction. JOIN US for safe, open discussion, and group building activities like cooking challenges, art-making, poetry projects, and MORE!!! Thursdays from 4pm-6pm 

Free Form Fridays - Fridays are fun days at The Hub. Whether we are playing board games, singing karaoke, or flinging frisbees in the field, we know after a long week it's time to relax! Fridays from 4pm-7pm; open until 9pm on First Fridays

The Hub is a stop on the Greenbrier County Schools Activity Bus route!

Using the bus takes a little bit of planning in advance, but it’s a great way to get to and from The Hub.

To travel to The Hub, GEHS and EGMS students need a note to ride Bus #11-58, stopping at Lee Street Complex.

To use the Activity Bus as your transportation home from The Hub, let a Hub staff person know by 4pm. Please note that the Activity Bus only runs Monday-Thursday. Pick-up is on Lee Street in front of Lee Street Studios at 5:45pm. The Activity Bus takes current GEHS and EGMS students to Greenbrier East High School. From there, students can get on one of the following buses:

Bus #08-40

Centralized Stops:

  • Lee Street Complex (including The Hub)
  • Caldwell Store
  • Old Dixon on Harts Run
  • Heritage International
  • White Sulphur Springs Civic Center


Centralized Stops:

  • Davis Stuart
  • 63 Alderson-Ft.Springs Intersection
  • Old Alderson Junior High
  • Old Ronceverte Junior High


Centralized Stops:

  • N. 219 Shell Station
  • Maxwelton Presbyterian Church
  • Sinking Creek Church in Clintonville
  • Frankford Elementary
  • Old Renick Exxon
  • Cornstalk Store- Williamsburg
  • C&M Service Station- Williamsburg
  • Old Williamsburg Elementary
  • Park & Ride @ Alta

Inclement Weather Procedure for the Hub

At The Hub we want all students and their families to be safe when traveling in the winter, especially because many of our participants live outside of Lewisburg city limits in other towns or unincorporated places with very mountainous terrain.

Monday through Friday, the Youth Community Kitchen at The Hub is serving up fresh, nutritious, snacks and meals to any and all youth, K-12, for no charge thanks to our many donors, sponsors, and the USDA's Child and Adult Care Food Program.

Each weekday we serve up a different hot meal fulfilling the USDA nutrition standards, such as Meatball Subs, Spaghetti, or Chicken Quesadillas, along with a variety of fresh fruit and veggies daily. Snack is served at 3:45pm and Dinner between 4:45pm-5:15pm. Come eat with us!