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Connecting young people, open to the public, powered by High Rocks


The Hub is a centrally-located, safe, inclusive, and fun space, open to the public.  In addition to hosting workshops, classes, activities, projects, events, homework help, and more geared towards teenagers and young adults, The Hub also houses two student-operated businesses, The Hub Cafe and Tech Express, serving customers of all ages. Student membership to The Hub comes with access to protected Wi-Fi, a computer lab, media equipment, 3D printers, art supplies, board games, and musical instruments, plus vouchers for daily snacks and dinner from The Hub Cafe. The Hub’s mission is to provide a place for those in the community to eat, create, socialize, organize, and learn.

The Hub is located in Lee Street Complex (the old Lewisburg Elementary School) within walking distance of downtown Lewisburg, Hollowell Park, and the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. 

The Hub Café is open to the public, Tuesday–Friday, 9am–6pm.

After-school programs at The Hub include events, workshops, classes, clubs, organizations, and groups. If you are part of a group and would like to use The Hub to meet, please contact us: To keep up-to-date on current Hub happenings, join our mailing list, check out our upcoming events page, or, if you are in middle or high school, become a Hub member

This is a space by and for young people – good vibes, good people, and good food – a place to hang out alone or with friends, for the evening or in between other commitments, and a resource for academic support if you need it.

Located at The Hub, our café is a full-service coffee shop, luncheon counter, and bakery, open to the public. Run by students, The Hub Café provides them an opportunity to learn and earn while managing a youth social enterprise with a triple bottom line of people, place, and profit. Open 9am - 6pm, Monday - Friday, with extended hours for select special events. Stop by and grab a smoothie, bagel, muffin, latte, or a hand-crafted soda!

The Hub Café partners with the High Rocks Local Foods programs. We grow fresh, organic produce at our site in Hillsboro, WV, and are proud to feature it. We also partner with the High Rocks Grow Appalachia program, which teaches folks how to grow, cook, and preserve delicious, organic produce.

The mission of High Rocks is to educate, empower and inspire young people to build a bright future for West Virginia and beyond. Your support of The Hub Café helps bring these programs to life. Thank you.

Located at The Hub, Tech Express is a computer repair business catering to individuals and small businesses. We diagnose and repair malfunctioning computers, as well as offer other computer-related services like setting up a new computer or configuring a network. 

Our goals are to:

  • Provide a valuable community service (computer repair).
  • Train young people with technical skills that give them an opportunity to earn money.
  • Teach young people how to administer and run a business.

To file a trouble ticket, click here:

For more information, please contact us:
Phone: 304-900-0093

The Hub is a resource for the entire community.

Our space is perfect for meetings, events, and performances — enjoy a central location, two large rooms, and options for catered food!

Book with The Hub:

  • Community meetings
  • Staff lunches
  • Birthday/family/holiday parties
  • Club meetings
  • Band performances
  • Band practice space

If you are interested in booking The Hub for your next event please call 304-647-4994.