Youth Advisory Board


The High Rocks Youth Advisory Board, or YAB, is a group of dedicated young women who act as a liaison between the staff and participants of High Rocks and the variety of programs High Rocks offers. The YAB is composed of 6 members and 2 interns who each contribute their own skills in leadership, organization, marketing, community outreach, and creative thinking. One of the most important jobs that the YAB members have is being the middle woman for High Rocks participants to express their ideas and feedback to the staff! The members get to experience building professional relationships with businesses while also building casual relationships with coworkers to promote a workplace that values both integrity and fun. The YAB includes traditional board positions such as: President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Within the board there are three devoted committees, each with a chairwoman: Community Service, Social Media and Marketing, and Fundraising and Finance.

The Youth Advisory Board is an important feature of the High Rocks community. Not only is it an employment opportunity for young women, but it helps allow such a crucial non-profit organization stay well-ordered and run smoothly.

“If High Rocks is like the human body, the YAB is like the heart! And we take pride in that.”