Youth Advisory Board

The High Rocks Youth Advisory Board, or YAB, is a group of dedicated young women who act as a liaison between the staff and participants of High Rocks and the variety of programs High Rocks offers. The YAB is composed of 6 members and 2 interns who each contribute their own skills in leadership, organization, marketing, community outreach, creative thinking, and most importantly; being the middle woman for High Rocks participants to express their ideas and feedback to the staff! The members get to experience building professional relationships with businesses while also building casual relationships with coworkers to promote a workplace that values both integrity and fun. The YAB includes traditional board positions such as: President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Within the board there are three devoted committees, each with a chairwoman: Community Service, Social Media and Marketing, and Fundraising and Finance.

The Youth Advisory Board is an important feature of the High Rocks community. Not only is it an employment opportunity for young women, but it helps allow such a crucial non-profit organization stay well-ordered and run smoothly.

“If High Rocks is like the human body, the YAB is like the heart! And we take pride in that.”

2018-2019 Members

Stella Neeley, President

Stella Neeley has been a part of High Rocks since her Summer of going into Freshman year. This year she takes on the position of Human Resources on the Youth Advisory Board. She is currently chair of the fundraising committee and the social media committee. In Academics Stella likes to challenge herself by taking AP and honors classes. She loves to travel and has been to 27 states and 1 other country (France!) When she grows up she hopes to be directing feature length entertainment films for a major studio. Stella will be graduating High School with a completion in a business track. She hopes one day to move back to California.

Becca O’Dell, Vice president

Becca O’Dell is the Vice President on the Youth Advisory Board and has been since October 2017 to present. She is a member of the Fundraising committee and the Community service committee. Becca is a junior enrolled at RIchwood High School. Becca is part of the Varsity basketball team at RHS and is a softball player in the city league. Becca is also involved in Gear-up and is a HERO (Higher Education Readiness Officer) at her school. Becca plans to go to medical school to become a Nurse Practitioner, She does not plan to live in West Virginia after college, but does think she will move back when she is retired. She also hopes to travel the world and study abroad during college.

Faith Johnson, Treasurer

Faith Johnson has been the Treasurer of the Youth Advisory Board from August 2017 to present day. She is the former Chairwoman of the Finance and Fundraising Committee and is currently involved in both the Community Service and Finance Committees of the YAB. She is a senior (with a headache) enrolled at Pocahontas County High School. Faith has the sharp thinking of an intellectual and the wisdom of an old man. A nice old man. She hopes to pursue loving the cultures, philosophies, and people of the world. Ultimately, her heart rests in West Virginia. Her soul belongs in Appalachia. She will, sooner than later, build a small “Hobbit Hole” and live there until she croaks. Until then, she plans to take on the world day by day with her timid sense of humor and quest for what makes her happy.

Gillian Snyder, SECRETARY

 Gillian has been a High Rocks girl since 2014 and is now the secretary for the YAB. She was born and raised in West Virginia and lives on a small cattle farm and apiary nestled in the hills. Her love for Appalachian flora and fauna started from a young age and is a passion she has kept with her. From braiding daisy chains to sketching wild life, Gillian is a lover of art and the natural world. She is enrolled as a junior at Greenbrier East High School and hopes to continue her education in college. Although Gillian is unsure of when and where she wants to settle down, she plans to travel the world. While on her adventures, Gillian hopes to accomplish at least one thing: take a Polaroid beside a desert cactus while wearing a really cool pair of shades.

Hazel Riley, Human Resources

This is Hazel’s third year in High Rocks and is now the Outreach person on the YAB. She is a freshman at Pocahontas County High School. Hazel doesn’t know where her future is going to take her but she knows what she wants to do now. Hazel enjoys farming and playing her guitar. She is also a member of the Lady Warriors soccer team, Pocahontas County Archery team, and hopes to run track in the spring. She is also a member of her school’s citizen club. One day Hazel hopes to visit and work on a sheep farm in Ireland for a few days.


Skyler McCallister, Participant Outreach

Skyler McCallister is a senior at Greenbrier East High School. She has been a participant in High Rocks since 2014, as both a girl and a Junior counselor, and is very excited to be an Intern for the High Rocks Youth Advisory Board this year. When she is not with her school or with High Rocks, Skyler enjoys theater, reading, watching movies, journaling, and spending time with her two Doberman puppies (she likes to always be doing something!) Skyler plans to major in Child Psychological studies and minor in Drama when she goes to college next year, but plans to keep High Rocks as a major influence and a permanent fixture in her life.

Lauren Rodgers, Intern

Lauren Rodgers is 14 years old and is currently enrolled as an 8th grader at Eastern Greenbrier  Middle School, where she is Vice President of the National Junior Honor Society. She recently went to New Beginnings and absolutely loved it! She is now an intern of the Youth Advisory Board. She can be found dancing, singing, acting, reading, writing, or having fun with friends. Lauren is excited to take the next step in her High Rocks adventure!


Shayna Hammons, intern

Shayna Hammons is 16 years old and is a Junior at Pocahontas County High School in Dunmore, West Virginia. She is the President of the Youth Advisory Board for High Rocks. When Shayna graduates in 2020, she hopes to attend Virginia Tech and go into social science/ Psychology to help the youth of West Virginia. As a five year participant of High rocks, Shayna enjoys being active in leadership opportunities that High Rocks has had to offer over the years. Her favorite hobbies are volunteering in her community and the Arts.