Summer Internships

Each summer, High Rocks becomes a hands-on, hearts-on classroom for college students from around the country. Interns gain direct experience mentoring teens and also participate fully in the program as theory builders and analysts learning about social change, women’s issues, and Appalachian studies in partnership with young people, staff and volunteers. Service in communities is enriched and complemented by a series of seminars that invite interns to explore regional history, development, theory, media and art. Each intern supports staff in summer programs (including two residential summer camps), and also completes an individual project and an intern group project. The internship has two main components–seminars and hands-on experience working with teenagers. This two-part approach is designed to deepen the experiences of the summer interns so that they leave High Rocks with theoretical as well as practical knowledge about the region and state, the challenges facing girls, ethical social change, and effective community service. Housing is provided and meals are provided while summer camps are in session. Interns also receive a stipend for the summer. Individual interns have, in some cases, worked with their colleges to secure academic credit.

Service Groups

High Rocks hosts college students  and other groups to work as volunteers. We honor the time commitments these volunteers give us by providing guided supervision and academic seminars about social change and Appalachian culture. We want to ensure that everyone comes away from their service with an understanding of our work, an appreciation of the vibrancy and potential of our region, and the satisfaction of contributing something of great value to our mission of education and social change.