WV Jobs Network

Connecting talented job seekers to good jobs employers in the Mountain State


Young people in West Virginia believe there is no opportunity here for them.  At the same time, employers with good jobs in West Virginia struggle to find applicants.  This catch-22 keeps talent and opportunity from meeting.

High Rocks is leading a team to launch a new statewide network - the WV Jobs Network - with our partners at Generation WV, Coalfield Development, First2 Network, and Bristol’s Promise.

We’ll be building a network to better connect young people in search of opportunity in the Mountain State with employers and entrepreneurs in search of talent.

Building a competitive applicant pool continues to be a real challenge for many of us who offer good jobs doing meaningful work, and the WV Jobs Network will soon be here to help. For employers, the WV Jobs Network will add needed muscle to your HR efforts, expanding your capacity for recruitment, retention, and professional development for your team.

The WV Jobs Network will help provide opportunities for job seekers and people placed in jobs with wraparound support - the combination of essential skills and leadership that we call Power Skills - connection with peer networks, and opportunities to build professional networks.

The WV Jobs Network will bring together partners and stakeholders from across the state to learn together and share what’s working, as we all work to help people stay and thrive in West Virginia.

Thanks to the Appalachian Regional Commission and the Benedum Foundation for their support of this work.

To get involved or learn more, contact us at info@highrocks.org