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Connecting great talent with good jobs in West Virginia 

People believe there aren't opportunities for them in the Mountain State, while employers are desperately trying to fill open jobs. The new WV Jobs Network is here to connect great applicants with good jobs, provide valuable professional development for existing staff, and build successful careers and businesses across the mountain state. We are building a workforce pathway that truly works for everyone.

WV Jobs Network Conference

April 24 – 26 at WVSOM Alumni Center

Join us at the first WV Jobs Network Conference to examine the biggest challenges in workforce development and highlight emerging innovative solutions. We invite employers, AmeriCorps programs, job seekers, and stakeholders to join us in Lewisburg on April 24-25 for networking, workshops, panels, and problem-solving. The conference promises a fun, interactive, and high-quality event to learn about workforce development opportunities; including training, programs, resources, and certifications, as well as networking with people and organizations across the region.

Conference admittance is free, milage reimbursement for attendees, contact us if you need a scholarship for lodging.

Register today: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/596002929807

WV Jobs Network Services

Are you are an individual looking to get Power Skills certified or an organization looking for quality professional development for your team? We are accepting candidates now. Sign-up today.

What is the Power Skills Certification:

Power Skills: Power Skills are the combination of soft skills and leadership skills that employers and organizations in West Virginia are asking for.  Power Skills are next-level skills.

Prove your ability: The WV Jobs Network is piloting a Power Skills Certification program with job seekers, current staff, AmeriCorps members, entrepreneurs, workforce trainees, and even students.

What you get: This program will allow you to build a powerful work portfolio that demonstrates mastery of Power Skills, gearing you up to be a top candidate for whatever opportunity comes next. You’ll have access to online learning, coaching, and a digital certification.  This digital certification badge is independently verifiable by employers, and is a valuable credential that can be used on resumes, social media profiles like Linked In, and even on email signatures.

What does the program provide?

  1. Curriculum structure
  2. Supplementary online learning modules at your own pace
  3. Opportunities to improve your skills in real time
  4. Power Skills coaching
  5. Coaching for coaches
  6. Evaluation rubrics and tools
  7. Industry review
  8. Digital credentials
  9. Powerful work and skill portfolio

When does it start?
November - January: Sign up and preparation 
February - March: Training for coaches and orientations 
March: Cohort begins
August: Wrap up

What’s the time commitment?
March-August, estimated 1-3 hours per week

The 15 WV Jobs Network Power Skills:

  1. Initiative
  2. Time Management and Prioritization
  3. Adaptability and Flexibility
  4. Focus and Productivity
  5. Workplace Communication
  6. Customer Focus
  7. Project Management
  8. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  9. Teamwork
  10. Leadership
  11. Public Speaking and Advocacy
  12. Networking
  13. Emotional Intelligence
  14. Citizenship and Community
  15. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

What is the program based on? The WV Jobs Network has identified a regional need for a strong workforce development model that includes a Power Skills Certification for West Virginia and the Appalachian region. We put the Department of Labor’s Competency Model Clearinghouse together with input from local industry leaders and proven innovators in workforce development in the Appalachian region to create a West Virginia Jobs Network competency model that defines 15 Power Skills that will help you level up in your current or future opportunity.

The Career Connector: powered by WV Jobs Network partner Generation WV, is a workforce development hub connecting West Virginia jobs seekers and employers to increase access to opportunity in the Mountain State. Check it out now.

Job Board: The Career Connector will feature full-time positions as well as paid internships and AmeriCorps opportunities all in one place. Check it out when you are ready for that next step in your workforce journey.  

Resume Bank: Additionally, the Career Connector provides a resume bank service for those who do not see an opportunity that matches their current aspirations and will keep an eye out for a good job that fits their skills. Add your resume to their job applicant pool today by submitting here.

Job Readiness: Needing some support for that transition? Generation WV has you covered with some job readiness resources to start on making that transition to a career right here in West Virginia. You can find the job readiness resources here.

Employers: The Career Connector isn’t just a job board–we do the heavy lifting to help connect your business to talent in West Virginia. Utilize our resources to access a higher level of skill and reduce the cost of hiring. Interested in the resources that GWV has to offer, let them know today by filling out this form.  

We are working with Appalachian Connect workforce sustainability model here in the Mountain State. Appalachian Connect works with employers to provide human-to-human assistance for workers by meeting them where they are and navigating the resources they need to be successful at home to bring their best self to work.

To find out more about the model send email inquiries to info@highrocks.org  or check-out WV Jobs Network partner Bristol's Promise 

Sign-up and learn more today

Want to learn more about the Power Skills Certification or ready to level-up your skills then sign-up today.

Bridging the gap between job seeker and employer

The WV Jobs Network believes to solve workforce problems it takes the entire workforce from employer to job seekers. One of our goals is to provide support to both sides of the equation and elevating voices and concerns from both. Supporting both will provide a more holistic understanding of our current workforce pathways issues.

Employer Support

  • Access to hiring support through the Career Connector’s applicant pool.
  • Learning from employers about their workforce successes and needs.
  • Connecting employers with quality training and certification programs for employers across the mountain state.
  • Bringing employers and job seekers together at our conference to learn from one another.
  • Compiling services to help build employers’ capacity for hiring and training.
  • Facilitating resource-sharing to promote best practices and policies among employers to improve our communities together.
  • Provide access to the Appalachia Connect program, which provides employers with resources to engage and retain employees. 

Job Seeker Support

  • Connecting job seekers to job applicant resources as well as resume and interview prep resources through Generation WV’s Career Connector.
  • Meeting job seekers wherever they are in their path toward a livable job.
  • Supporting opportunities for on-the-job training from Coalfield Development, High Rocks, First2 Network, and AmeriCorps programs across the state.
  • Maintaining a resume database to keep job seekers’ resumes available for future opportunities.
  • Providing ongoing training, certifications, and professional development.
  • Compile career- and life-coaching opportunities to meet and support job seekers on their diverse pathways.
  • Provide support through networking opportunities such as conferences to learn more about job seekers challenges.

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Who is the WV Jobs Network

The WV Jobs Network consists currently of five anchor partners. Those five partners include High Rocks, Coalfield Development, First2 Network, Appalachia Connect, and Generation WV. These cross-sector partners want to develop a system that work across the entire workforce pathway. This includes workforce training and development, solving workforce pathway issues, and more.

The WV Jobs Network utilizes a collective impact framework to conduct their work. Which consists of a common agenda, shared metrics, continuous communication, aligned activties, strong backbone support.

We are always looking to connect with like-minded indvidiuals to the WV Jobs Network. Want to find out more or become a connect with - Info@highrocks.org

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Connect with the WV Jobs Network

As part of the Collective Impact, the WV Jobs Network will bring together partners and stakeholders from across the state to learn together and share what’s working, as we all work to help people stay and thrive in West Virginia.

To get involved or learn more, contact us at info@highrocks.org

Thanks to the Appalachian Regional Commission and the Benedum Foundation for their support of this work.