Young People as Leaders

_MG_0773_tonedSince its earliest days, High Rocks has been a place where participants have helped craft our programs and priorities. Select High Rocks participants work as members of a Youth Advisory Board to consult and advise our board of directors at each board meeting. This talented team of leaders also meet weekly with the director and other staff and alums to reflect on and help shape the organization.

About the Youth Advisory Board Members

Our Youth Advisory Board is an important and crucial part to the function of High Rocks Academy. This board is a place where our participants get the opportunity to learn to cooperate as a team, collectively make decisions and ensure their voices are heard within High Rocks. The YAB includes traditional board positions such as: president, vice president, and treasurer. Within the board there are three devoted committees, each with a chairwoman: community service, social media and marketing, and fundraising and finance.

“This community has transformed so many women into becoming bold and assertive leaders in today’s society, including myself. I am incredibly honored and humbled by the experience I have had at High Rocks.” – High Rocks Participant

Junior Counselors

IMG_6068Our junior counselor program is a camp within a camp. The junior counselor experience is our ultimate leadership experience for older participants. Junior counselors attend college-level classes, work intensively as a team with staff, help run camp and mentor younger participants. Junior counselors think more, work harder, and have a greater sense of pride than they thought they could ever have.

It is a challenging, but truly rewarding, transformative experience.

Participants with previous High Rocks experience, attending New Beginnings or other programs, for a prolonged period of time may apply to be a junior counselor.

For more information on upcoming Junior Counselor Applications deadline dates, please see our calendar.

Burt-Steele Pathfinder Scholarship

A merit scholarship to support High Rocks leaders that are committed to education and service in their pursuit of post-high school educational opportunities

Who is a High Rocks leader?

A High Rocks leader is any young woman who has taken the pledge, has substantially participated in High Rocks programs during high school and is committed to taking the spirit and power of High Rocks out and into the world.

How much is it and what can I use the scholarship money for?

If you are awarded the Pathfinder Scholarship you will receive $800 a year for all years you need it, as long as you maintain a GPA of 2.0 and complete all the yearly requirements. College courses, a technical training program, a certification course or test, a class…all of these qualify as post-high school educational opportunities.

Funds may be used for tuition, a new computer, books, to help buy a car if you need one for school, for child care, etc.  We ask Pathfinders to use their money wisely and prudently under our honor code system.

For additional information about the Burt-Steele Pathfinder Scholarship, email admissions@highrocks.org or call at 304-653-4891.