Conferences and Events

Students have the opportunity to travel with us to conferences and events across the country to see new places, have rich educational experiences and get their foot in the door of the professional world. Students have traveled to the state capital to meet with their representatives at Women’s Day at the Legislature and have presented as experts at both the Appalachian Studies Conference and the West Virginia National Association of Social Workers Conference. They also have had the chance to participate in events such as It’s Good 2 Be Young In The Mountains and Our Children Our Future’s Regional Youth Forums. 

For more information on upcoming event dates, please see our calendar.

“I love the trips we go on. It is a time to see new parts of the world around me but it also gives me a chance to be with the people I love and find colleges and places that I might one day enjoy living in.” – High Rocks Participant

College Trips

We offer three to four college trips throughout the school year. Each year we base our trips on students’ interests and feedback. Our college trips are one weekend long and we visit anywhere from 2-3 colleges in an area. We explore the campus, take tours, eat in the cafeteria, attend presentations, speak with students and advisors and most importantly we give the students opportunities to ask lots of questions. On several occasions, we visit High Rocks alums at their colleges.

Our alums help us connect to the college on a more personal level, giving us tours of their favorite places and talking about college life and the community. This past fall our students visited West Virginia University, Chatham University, Carnegie Mellon University, Roanoke College, Virginia Tech, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Duke University. 

For more information on upcoming College Trip dates, please see our calendar.

“This helped me realize where I want to go to pursue my career dreams. Thank you, High Rocks!” - High Rocks Participant

Service Trips

On service trips, participants immerse themselves in the work and the culture that they are visiting. In the past, our young people have explored advocacy, homelessness, and entrepreneurship in Washington, D.C., investigated environmental issues along the Potomac River, explored issues along the border wall in southern Arizona, and for many years have participated in an Alternative Spring Break with Habitat for Humanity in Birmingham, Jacksonville, New Orleans, and James Island.

For more information on upcoming Service Trip dates, please see our calendar.


For more information on upcoming event dates, please see our calendar.