program and organizational development consulting

12241284_784651148311516_7580106735636569840_nHigh Rocks provides program and organizational development consulting for those that want to do powerful work with young people, work at the intersection of community development and education, or run a strong non-profit business. You can also hire us to do assessment and coaching. Our clients include the Reconnecting McDowell Project, Marietta College, WV Wesleyan College, the McDonough Foundation, and Greenbrier Technologies & Electric.

“In the IT field we spend a lot of time fixing problems and enabling people to do work without really seeing results. As a parent volunteer, board member and business partner I have found it very rewarding to provide products and services that have enabled an organization to do “Good” work that benefits our community. High Rocks has evolved from an organization running on systems held together with bandaids and rubber bands to an example of how technology should be applied in the nonprofit world. Its not just about throwing money and computers at the problem, it is about having good staff that want to use the systems and a network of volunteers that can make things happen. I am proud to be part of this team.” -Bill Lenherr, President of Greenbrier Technologies & Electric