"You had a tremendous impact on my life. My time at High Rocks is still paying dividends. Still learning, still growing, still trying... I will be forever grateful. BTW, I rolled my AmeriCorps education money into a bachelor's degree at Univ. of Mary Washington, and now I'll graduate from VCU in Richmond with an MA in History this May. High Rocks!" - AmeriCorps alumnus

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AmeriCorps is an opportunity to give full-time service to changing lives in our community while receiving a monthly living allowance, health insurance, college loan deferral, and an education award to use for college tuition or student loans. Learn more:

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Educate, empower, and inspire young people in our leadership development programs and make an unforgettable difference in a young person’s life.

First2 Network

Statewide, may be co-located with a First2 Network partner. STARTS mid September 2022 (1 YEAR TERM). The First2 Network is dedicated to increasing the number of first-generation and other underrepresented students studying science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) who make it through the first two years of college.  The first two years of college are a critical barrier in STEM career pathways, particularly if your parents haven't gone to college or you are an underrepresented minority in the STEM fields.  The First2 Network is part of the National Science Foundation INCLUDES community, a National Science Foundation initiative to increase STEM innovation in our country.  An AmeriCorps member placed in First2 would help to mentor first-generation and other underrepresented students who are majoring in STEM, coordinate student activities, recruit students, and engage stakeholders around the state.  While working directly with students, a First2 AmeriCorps members will also work with community members across the state to both better serve these students and to help improve systems and practices so that we better serve these students in West Virginia.

Gardens, Food, and Wellness Education

Hillsboro, WV. - 1/2 YEAR TERM starts in March, 2022; 1 YEAR TERM starts in September 2022 This AmeriCorps member will support our gardens, high tunnels, and local foods programming for the community and young people.  This person will be growing healthy, fresh food for our programs for young people.  They will also be serving directly with young people, helping them learn to grow, market, and sell healthy food.  They will help with our Grow Appalachia program, where community members learn about growing and cooking food.  Experience growing food a plus, not a must.  Passion for young people, and for growing and feeding people healthy, delicious food required. 

High Rocks Academy for Girls

Hillsboro, WV. STARTS MID SEPT 2022 (1 YEAR TERM). High Rocks began in 1996 as a residential summer camp on a mountainside to help girls prepare for High School with a positive outlook about themselves and their abilities. Over 20 years later, we work not only with girls at summer camp, but throughout the year with students and volunteers of all ages at our 200 acres on the mountain and in town with partner organizations with the aim of making our communities stronger, richer more vibrant places to work and live for all of us. AmeriCorps members at High Rocks will recruit students and volunteers, and help with our year-round educational programming for local youth. Our programming is free and we accept girls from all walks of life and all the different tables in the cafeteria. 

The Hub

Lewisburg, WV. STARTS MID SEPTEMBER 2022 (1 YEAR TERM). AmeriCorps members will provide direct service in all the key components of the High Rocks program. Members will tutor youth, help to run after-school programs, support high school students on service learning trips, provide students with information on preparing for college, help run classes at summer camps and service overnights, support our alumnae program, recruit volunteers, and implement other aspects of our integrated and strong programs.


Bethlehem Farm

Summers County, WV. STARTS MID SEPTEMBER 2022 (1 YEAR TERM). Bethlehem Farm transforms lives through service with the local community and the teaching of sustainable practices. It is an intentional community located in Talcott, WV that provides education on local foods and sustainability to the local community as well as to service week volunteers that come from all over the country to work in gardens and on build projects. AmeriCorps Caretakers serve as service week leaders, coordinate and develop the Repairing Homes, Renewing Communities (RHRC) program, and interact with volunteer groups during their visit to Bethlehem Farm.

Coda Mountain Academy 

Fayette County, WV. STARTS MID SEPTEMBER 2022 (1 YEAR TERM). Coda Mountain Academy, Inc. is based in Fayetteville, West Virginia and has several programs: Coda Inspire, Coda Kidz, and Coda Mountain Academy Summer Music Festival. All Coda programs are held in Fayette County, West Virginia, but have extended to five other counties and seven other states. Coda Mountain Academy values the development of the whole person. The larger goals of Coda are to equip youth with the tools they need to live productive and fulfilling lives.  Through developing exposure and opportunities that promote healthy goal setting, positive identity, strong character, resiliency and life skills, Coda hopes to change the world, one child at a time. Mutual respect is encouraged between all regardless of faith, gender, ethnicity, or national origin.  

Lewisburg, WV. STARTS MID SEPTEMBER 2022 (1 YEAR TERM). The Greenbrier County Health alliance (GCHA) is sponsored by the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, Center for Rural and Community Health with grant funding from West Virginia Clinical Translational Science Institute. The GCHA’s mission is to empower all local communities in Greenbrier County to improve health through community action and innovative programming.  A key component to the Alliance coordinated approach for the community health outreach is the use of community ambassadors. AmeriCorps members serve to expand the ‘community ambassador’ project and support ambassadors to represent their community’s needs and provide solution-focused leadership to promote health behaviors.

Meadow River Valley Early Childhood Learning (MARVEL)

Rupert, WV. STARTS MID SEPTEMBER 2022 (1 YEAR TERM). The Meadow River Valley is an area immersed in scenic beauty, driven by resilient communities that are forging a brighter tomorrow and bringing people, ideas, and resources together. In this region consisting of the communities in eastern Fayette and western Greenbrier Counties in West Virginia, the friendly, talented, and hardworking people of the Meadow River Valley communities have worked together to overcome what seemed to be overwhelming obstacles in ways that could not have been done individually. The Meadow River Valley communities have leveraged the regions scenic beauty, rich history, location, and natural resources with entrepreneurial spirit, caring volunteerism, and a lot of divine intervention to provide safe, nurturing relationships that enable children and families to learn and grow through education, healthy nutrition, and physical activity through the Meadow River Valley Early Childhood Learning (Marvel). The MARVEL AmeriCorps member will recruit and direct community volunteers with the objective of building capacity and increasing the reach of the MARVEL Center.

Pocahontas County Free Libraries

Pocahontas County, WV. STARTS MID SEPTEMBER 2022 (1 YEAR TERM). Pocahontas County Libraries & Visitor Information Centers (PCLVIC)  is comprised of five libraries, stretching from one end of our rural West Virginian county to the other. The main branch, McClintic Library, is in Marlinton, with additional branches in the communities of Durbin, Green Bank, Hillsboro and Linwood. PCLVIC’s mission is to “fulfill the informational needs of our residents and visitors”. An AmeriCorps position supports increasing library relevancy for youth.

Potomac Valley Audubon Society

Shepherdstown, WV. STARTS MID MARCH 2022 (1/2 year term)  and  STARTS MID SEPTEMBER 2022 (1 YEAR TERM). The Potomac Valley Audubon Society (PVAS) was organized in 1982. We are a chapter of the National Audubon Society and draw our members from Jefferson, Berkeley, and Morgan counties in West Virginia and Washington County, Maryland. PVAS offers a wide variety of youth events and programs for children, adults, and families. Our goal is to get people of all ages outside to explore and learn about the natural world. We also work closely with a variety of partners to conserve natural areas for habitat protection and for people’s enjoyment. AmeriCorps members will engage with students in grade specific programs and provide learning opportunities for students in both in the classroom and at day camps for youth from pre-K –6th grade.

Sprouting Farms

Summers County, Fayette County, Wayne County, Kanawha County.  STARTS MID SEPTEMBER 2022 (1 YEAR TERM). Sprouting Farms Appalachian Croft and Training Center is a four-season non-profit farm and education and resource center located in Summers County WV, with partner sites at Refresh Appalachia, New Roots Farm, and KISRA's Paradise Farm.  We believe that long-lasting impact is created by training new farmers in quality and sustainable production techniques, and by providing shared resources and educational opportunities to the whole farm community. Our programs provide farmers with sound business management and production skills, hands-on apprenticeship and mentorship, and the land and resources necessary to launch and refine their farm businesses. The AmeriCorps member will focus on scheduling and hosting educational events and workshops, community outreach and recruitment of volunteers among other projects. 

WVSOM Center for Rural & Community Health

Lewisburg, WV. STARTS MID SEPTEMBER 2022 (1 YEAR TERM). The WVSOM Center for Rural and Community Health supports the osteopathic medical education focus on team-based and patient-centered care and the integration of prevention and population health to improve quality and efficiency of health care delivery.  This is accomplished by developing programs that contribute to improving health in rural communities, supporting clinical research in rural practices, developing resources that support these efforts, providing education to communities, rural providers and students, and developing collaborations that support these efforts.

WV Robotics: Fairmont State University and the NASA IV&V Education Resource

Fairmont, WV. STARTS MID SEPTEMBER 2022 (1 YEAR TERM). The Education Resource Center at the NASA IV&V Facility in Fairmont, WV is the one of the longest running and largest STEM initiatives in West Virginia. Through our educator-trainings, we impact over 1,000 teachers, pre-service, and after-school educators who in turn borrow our STEM classroom kits and engage over 15,000 students per year. We manage 12 competitive robotics programs that engage over 6,000 students in 500+ teams per year, and these numbers are increasing annually. An AmeriCorps member placed at our organization would help to train students, teachers, out-of-school educators, and volunteers in the competitive robotics programs, with a focus on the VEX IQ (elementary/middle) and VEX EDR (middle/high) platforms and how to effectively compete. In addition, our AmeriCorps volunteer will help prepare for, and conduct robotics competitions across the state. Through a program funded by NASA, our AmeriCorps volunteer will be distributing $30,000 per year in robots to start new competitive teams.

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Have questions or ready to apply? Contact us at, 304-653-4891, or High Rocks, 195 Thompson Rd., Hillsboro, WV 24946.