Recruit Girls for High Rocks Camps

Do you know a young woman with amazing potential? We are always looking for volunteer ambassadors and recruiters to help connect young women across West Virginia with High Rocks camp opportunities.  We rely on partners like you to talk to young women in your area and in your networks about the powerful opportunity that is High Rocks camp.

Girls are more likely to apply to camp and have a strong application if they have someone like you who is working with them directly to encourage them through the process.  Here are some outreach ideas that have worked well in the past.

  1. Share the High Rocks video
  2. Talk to girls and girls' families that you know
  3. Present to girls at your area schools PRO TIP  - bring healthy, yummy snacks and other fun with you
  4. Present to area youth groups (ideas for how to run a presentation are below)
  5. Table at a school career or college fair
  6. Reach out directly to teachers and other professionals who work with youth to help you identify and recruit talented students
  7. Share information on social media with your own personal plug for the program
  8. Share information about camp from the High Rocks website
  9. Build relationships with girls as you mentor them through the process - from answering questions, to getting to know them, to helping them complete their application

We are so excited that you are interested in helping us with our West Virginia statewide recruiting efforts.  Please see the list of tools and resources below.  For more information email or call 304-653-4891

Recruiting Tools and Materials

Applications and Recommendation Forms