Alumni Support

DSC_7879The alumni support programs are ongoing symbiotic support systems between High Rocks and its members. Young women who carry their High Rocks experience into their lives as college students, professionals, and mothers have a unique perspective about the value of their involvement in our programs. Our organization continues to learn and grow with their support.

Meanwhile, High Rocks staff continue to act as academic advisors, career counselors, networkers and mentors to the graduates of our programs. We offer one-on-one career counseling and life coaching to all our alumni, interns, and others who have been through our doors. We always here to help.

“You have helped so many girls, myself included, shape their lives around who they want to be. This is not a simple. It’s not as if you told me how to be happy. You helped me figure it out on my own, and that means a lot to me.  At High Rocks, I received a lifetime of fabulous advice, the tools to help myself and others and a home unlike anything else in the world. I am so eternally grateful for all the love, faith, help, comfort and guidance the High Rocks has offered me. I hope to, one day, return the favor.” -High Rocks Alumni


High Rocks is a wonderful resource for making connections. We love to hear from each of you, and are always happy to make time to sit down and catch up with alumni. If you’re in college, we can connect you with women working on the issues you care about. If you’re beginning your career or thinking about a career move, let us connect you with a woman who is a leader in your field. Just call.


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